The Poool

photo by Paula Court, Whitney Museum 1999
Poool, 1996-1999
Live video performance
Co-Directors:Angie Eng with Benton Bainbridge and Nancy Meli Walker
Set Design/Architects: Liminal Projects
guest musicians: Brian Moran, Hoppy Kamiyama, David Weinstein, Jon Giles, Ron Anderson, Jason Kao Hwang, Jane Scarpantoni

The Poool (1996-1999) brought the immediacy of music to cinema by playing tube to digi-cams, video “stitchers” and assorted “props”. On stage the audience viewed the transformation of visual matter being manipulated with video cameras, video effects, pre-recorded footage and live action. The Poool collaborated to achieve a visual language that describes journeys through psychological states. In capturing basic human emotion of anxiety, fear, alienation, they investigated the world through delicate scrutiny.