In the early 90’s I became involved in the downtown New York DJ/VJ scene. A second generation of video artists influenced by experimental video pioneers of the 60’s and the light shows of the 70’s reintroduced live video into the art club scene of New York City at the end of the 80’s.  The prosumer market and portable electronics facilitated media artists to shoot, collect and mix tapes with live camera feeds. Most young VJs worked in collectives pooling their resources and improvising at various art venues, clubs, and underground parties including The Kitchen, SoundLab, Fakeshop, CGBG’s Gallery, Pseudo Labs, Tonic and The Knitting Factory. When VJing I usually went under the alias ‘Windup’, with the collective, The Poool (Benton Bainbridge and Nancy Meli Walker) we went under the alias, ‘Emanation Red’.

For more information on the New York VJ scene see documentary: VJ Out by 13bit productions

VisionSonic 8 par windupmedia