The Lumiaks

Stars, 2011
The Lumiaks (Angie Eng/Sofi Hémon)
with Musician Jean Jacques Palix

A live video performance piece inspired by the essay by Eliot Weinberger entitled, ‘Stars’

Nostalgia creeps in just when you cross the new frontier. One foot in traditional Avant Garde the other in new technology, two classically trained painters, both with a history working with autism and an affinity with the jungle, fuse technology, obsession, macro, micro, the visual and the aural. The Lumiaks are not so much concerned with math but with chemistry. Despite an occasional algorithmic tweak, they create abstract dialogues between the vast and microscopic, the static and the continuous,  the bombardment of  the obvious with the invisible. They are not married to one particular art genre and thus their work can be reminiscent of experimental cinema (Hans Richter, Len Lye, The Whitney Brothers), Object Theatre, 1950’s live television maquettes, 1960’s light shows, Surrealism, synaesthetic abstract painting (Kandinsky, Klee, Kupka) and not to mention the circus. They apply a delicate scrutinous process that focuses on quotidian object/life. A frantic juggling of props, microscopes, macro cameras, digital mixers, drawing tablet, midi controllers and computers is contrasted with their imagery which methodically and carefully takes its time in real time.