Video Essay


Schpilin Aqui (Play Here), 2006
Experimental HD video essay
Extended live performance version as “InterSECT’, 2008
TRT 00:06:50
Director/camera/editor, Angie Eng
Composer, David Weinstein
Producer, Voom HD Labs, Rainbow

A New York cable channel sponsored an artist residency program for two years.  We were granted one week to shoot the video with their cameras and  a couple weeks access to their editing rooms. For the first time I decided to create a video leaning toward documentary narrative albeit still very unconventional for cable television standards.

Schpilin Aqui is a experimental video essay on the crossroads of two traditional cultures of South Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York City. Due to the religious beliefs of the orthodox jewish community it would be near impossible for me to interview my neighbors on camera. Thus I decided to not have any interviews nor dialogue from either side. Signage, architecture, cultural iconography and street life are montaged into a humourous take on the clash and cross over of two very different groups. Windows made from silhouettes of games, puzzles, blocks, etc. reveal street life of the Puerto Ricans and the Satmar Hasidic ethnic groups who live side by side. A humourous soundtrack parallels the imagery symbolizing the religion, habits, lifestyle of this ethnic neighborhood. Although the tension has subsided between the Puerto Ricans and Satmar Jews, the cyclical change of new neighbors and luxury development has united these two ethnic groups for the first time. Eventually I made a version that included narration to be read during a live video performance in 2008. (see text here)


Anthology Film Archives, NYC

Issue Project Room, NYC
Orchard47 Gallery NYC
Scanners Film Festival
Walter ReadeTheatre Lincoln Center
San Francisco Cinematheque
Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley