video sculpture

Connect/ed, 1995 Bronx Museum of the Arts

Eng’s first video sculptures were related to the change in the learning process with the introduction of digital tools. From 1994-1996 she combined old school furniture with embedded video screens.

Connect/ed. 1995 contrasted the hand graffiti of a wooden desk with the anonymity and sterility of the video screen. The video is of a person’s hands that turn a generic book with blank pages.

Exhibited at Bronx Museum of the Arts and Alternative Museum in 1995.

Script, 1995 was an old wooden chalk board with a video screen embedded in the middle.  The video was a mirror reflection of a person writing calligraphy.  The hand mirror would flip over and reveal the other reflection of a beach scene.

"Remote", 1995

Remote, 1995 was a television embedded inside of a children’s chalkboard.  The chalkboard tray contained both the chalk and the remote control. This was a commentary on  misinformation at a distance.

"Script" 1995, AIR Gallery, NYC