Monsters drawing series


Monsters, 2009
graphite on paper

This drawing series started out as an exercise for a live video performance.  I wanted to approach the subject of fear which is an emotion that is connected with the unknown or a lack of clarity.  I took stills from classic horror movies and made hundreds of pencil line drawings that could barely be visible on black paper. One has to look from certain angles or there has to be specific lighting in order to see the drawings.  In the end I did ‘perform’ a piece as part of a performance, ‘Liminal’ in a Paris video festival in 2009 as well as the Electronic Arts Festival in New York in 2011. (see link, Monsters) I appreciated the drawings as a piece in it of itself. As an exhibition, they are to be installed vertically like a film strip from ceiling to floor.  They are separated according to film reference.

There is a version of these with white pencil on white paper. Technically these were much more difficult to execute since I could barely see my lines as I drew. Thus the white on white series was left to the wayside.

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