Director/Video- Angie Eng
Video- Gabrielle Latessa, Jarryd Lowder
Music- Keiko Uenishi, Jarryd Lowder

Themes are derived from travel experience- flickering images passing by from a train, archeological artifacts pieced together, ruins describing an ancient ritual, the interruptions in the flow of traffic. Video artists and musicians improvise to these themes within a score. A “conductor” (Angie Eng) guides the pieces by mixing video images inputted by 2 video artists (Gabrielle Latessa, Jarryd Lowder) and outputting the images via two projections onto the wall. Live camera, pre-recorded footage, and computer video samples are combined and “played” together with the musicians. Musician, Keiko Uenishi plays her custom built “Electrotap Board Effector” with tape loops. Video artist, Jarryd Lowder also adds another musical layer using drum machine and samplers. Together the music and video interconnect and disconnect to achieve various psychological states from the travel experience.