Magnetizing Mandala

Magnetizing Mandala, 2018
ewaste, magnets, steel plate
approximate size 5’ diameter

 In Magnetizing Mandala, Eng arranges electronic waste into mandala patterns so that we can contemplate our participation in digital consumption.  Traditionally, these mathematical circular forms were revelations to define and guide us to a higher plane beyond materialism and toward accepting impermanence. Yet, in the electronic age coupled with over-consumption, we are left with permanent traces of our adverse habits.  Her mandalas can not be blown away like the sand mandalas of Tibetan monks. Rather, the visitor can change the mandala patterns by rearranging its magnetic fragments while contemplating their physical impact of construction and destruction on the world.

Special Thanks:

These two aforementioned project was made possible with the sponsorship from Green Girl Recycling, Sparkfun Electronics and assistance of the BTU lab, Atlas CU Boulder. Special thanks to Noah Anast, Bridget Johnson, Jessica Koolman Parker, Leo Latousek, Frank Lucero.