Lost Guides

Directed by: Angie Eng
Video: Benton Bainbridge/Angie Eng
Sound: Brian Moran
Set design: Liminal Projects
New Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003

Lost Guides is a streaming audio/visual performance that is experienced both on-line and in physical space. Stemming from the idea of the ‘digital nomad’ from ‘Empty Velocity‘-this work examines the digital nomad and various forms of travel by comparing Taoist philosophy and technological forms of transport. In 2000-2003, Eng spent her life on the road observing nomadic lifestyles of people who neither have a fixed abode nor a sense of permanence. ‘Lost Guides’ are forms that change a mapped out, settled and developed destination into an indistinguishable, uninhabitable place.

This project was commissioned by a New Radio and performing Arts, Inc. and made possible with funding from the Jerome foundation. Additional funding was provided by an Experimental Television Center Presentation Grant. Special thanks to vidvox.net for use of their video software.