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A series of interactive painting poems painted with conductive paint on top of fragments of the American flag.

After 10 years of being abroad,  identity becomes fragmented and simultaneously sharpened. One learns most about self through the strange. Who one is and the experiences that have shaped the self are more pronounced once one has distance both spatial and temporal.Thus, when looking back at growing up in America, suddenly what seems like just childhood or development, the concern becomes identity rooted in specific place and time. Growing up during the transition of post civil rights, the end of the Vietnam war, during the Cold War, pre-internet, the rise of globalization and transnational companies, the final industrialization of agriculture, suburban sprawl,this generation was pitted against the contradictions in empowerment and unity.

This collaborative project made sense upon my return as a personal response to the tense identity crisis that globalization has exacerbated extremism and polarity around the world. The project consists of parts of the American flag framed inside an interactive sound box. When the visitor touches the painting they can hear voices of prose about growing up in America.

In the prototype box, Meg Castaldo’s prose draws upon intimate subjects with a distant lens while exploring the bitter-sweetness of human relations. Multiple and diverse voices will be included in this interactive painting poem series.