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This is My Land, 2018-2019
canvas, electronic boards, conductive paint, thread, wood, headphones, audio

Affiliations, roots, identity can not be illustrated by a one-stemmed carrot. We are more like a rhizome branching from a lotus, gathering around a node and then departing from it. Some stems intertwine and strengthen and others thin out and break off. Theoretically we unify under colors, decrees, slogans, tongues, television shows. But in essence, we come together like stringy threads experiencing a similar space, time, smell, sound, rhythm.  Generational waves transform those ephemeral aspects, but ultimately we twist around one another not knowing we have reinforced what we thought was mine, but belongs to us.

This is how I see the American flag; A conglomeration of poetic voices that reveal development of the American.  Like cubism, the plane is broken up into a quantum lens whereby what is solid and whole is a collapse of fragments of different perspectives. We hear the wheat fields, the cicadas chirping in humid nights, the hum of metropolitan traffic, the struggle for belonging, a relief in the familiar that we share as Americans.

Participating poets:

Rick Barot
Meg Castaldo
Farnoosh Fathi
Ramon Garcia
Sean Hill
Amanda Galvan Huynh
Kirun Kapur
Ed Pavlic
Evie Shockley
James Thorpe
Monica Youn

This project was made possible with the sponsorship from Picture Woods LTD, Boulder, Sparkfun Electronics and assistance of the BTU lab, Atlas CU Boulder. Special thanks to: MacDowell Colony for the Arts, Jessica Koolman Parker, Nick Beni, Michael Theodore, Arielle Hein, Michael Theodore, Cicada Scott, James Thorpe, Tanya Eng, Noah Anast and the amazing poets.