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‘The Executives” illustration series

Power is a Virus
art exhibition
Genie de la Bastille
126 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
opening: June 13, 2018

Invited to participate in an artist run gallery in Bastille, Eng is collaborating with Parisian artist, Christiane Blanc in an art exhibit about power.
Eng will present 2 projects: ‘The Executives‘ and the  ‘Iconoclashgiftsfeld‘ souvenir shop along with its recorded single channel video of its accompanying performance from March 2018 at Roulette. The Executives are illustrations responding  to the financial crisis of 2008. Mostly headless men in suits are posed with their divergent cognition visualized in place of their heads.  The ‘Iconoclashgiftsfeld’ store is an ironic souvenir shop describing how capitalism reduces all experiences, political movements and ideologies into logos printed on souvenir objects. A project that analyzes  globalism, one of its components  is how groups build and destroy visual symbols  to assert their power over consensus or over another rival group.

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