TerreVID-20 is part of a community arts project, ‘Avant Gardens* in response to COVID-19. For my contribution, I made a maquette of an impossible art installation about a virus that is created by Earth once it has exploded by the prediction of a future meteor hitting it. Once hit nature dominates and like a virus, it multiplies and overtakes the planet. Nature is replenished, the human race is obliterated and their objects explode into orbit and become space debris. In the design, you see traces of the TerreVID-20 virus coming out of the human transportation vehicles that are now orbiting the Earth. This project was inspired by COVID’s effect on cities under lockdown and the halt of travel. It imagines the immediate possible transformation of the planet if all energetic forces were supporting an ecological takeover.

* Avant Gardens is a community art initiative by Angie Eng , co-produced by Creative Catalyzers with a Boulder Arts Commission COVID neighborhood grant. More information on Avant Gardens.